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Software HmeWin 4 for hardness testing machines

The Software HmeWin has been specifially programmed for the evaluation of hardness testing, almost all hardness testing machines can be retrofitted. The software offers all the advantages of the familiar Windows environment.

Basic functions:
  • Hardness testing according to:
    - Brinell
    - Vickers
    - Rockwell
  • Measurement value recording
  • Zoom function of the indentation (only if CCD is used)
  • Print function
  • Statistic evaluation
  • Multilingual
  • Conversion according to DIN 18265
  • Backup function
  • Data export
  • User management
  • Order measurement
  • Automatic evaluation
  • CHD-regulation (EHT)
  • Data transmission to QDAS
  • Automatic brightness control
  • Digital micrometer screw for the cross table (CHD-regulation)
  • Electronic matt screen with keys for data transfer, evaluation and quick localization of the indentations